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Pool Care will help in aiding people with pool upkeep and recording pool test results. The application is continuously being updated with more and more features to truly make this the most convenient app to use. View graph data of your pool test results and store all your results in the Results Log. All data is stored and can be changed or deleted if need be. The app now checks for Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity, Conditioner, TDS, and Salt!

Probably the greatest advantage to using this application is that all your data is stored in one convenient location: your phone! There is also a feature to save your data to an SD card if one is installed on the phone and eventually online backups of the pool data will be available! If you have an Android phone (For example a Droid, EVO, G1, etc.) and a pool, then this app is a must have!

I am currently looking into a way to create a pool testing device that will plug into the phone and read the results automatically. Until then, the results must be entered manually.

NEW: Read the Pool Care F.A.Q. and Guide here!


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